Agency Will Send Copywriter to Space If Enough People Like Its Facebook Page

Up, up and away?

FCB Paris plans to ship considered one of its creatives into area. The company will use virtually 37,000 balloons to hoist intrepid advernaut Baptiste Szuwarski towards heaven. The 25-yr-previous copywriter is the lightest member of the artistic employees at 114 kilos, in all probability 113 if he shaves—and his weight, we're advised, makes him the right selection for this publicity stunt.

Since March 10, for each like on its Facebook page, the company has inflated a balloon at its workplaces on the Champs-Elysées to help the mission, calculating someway that it’ll take precisely 36,895 to get the job completed. (The web page has P,200 likes general, so there's a stratospheric option to go.) FCB says the exact launch date is … sigh … up within the air. #GoodLuckBaptiste is the hashtag.

Balloons? Sounds like scorching air to me. And the truth that the company emailed a PDF press launch makes me doubt its technical prowess. Besides, if we're going to banish an advert exec from the planet, I assume everybody agrees Donny Deutsch must be the one to go. (Kidding, in fact. He's got a new TV show, and who isn't psyched about that?)

Bon probability, Baptiste! Though you’ll be risking your very existence on this fateful voyage, it nonetheless beats filling out timesheets and assembly with shoppers.

"Dying isn’t an choice," Szuwarski tells AdFreak. "At least, for me it is not!"

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A Few Different Ways To Use SVG Sprites In Animation

There are some issues we all know and like about SVGs. First, SVGs have clean, clear edges on any show, so utilizing SVGs can scale back the variety of HTTP requests for picture alternative. Second, it’s straightforward to make an SVG scalable to its container for responsive improvement.

In this text we’ll cowl a number of methods of utilizing SVG sprites to explain movement on the internet. I’ll present some methods for utilizing SVG sprites in complicated animation that takes benefit of those elements. All examples proven will assume using an auto-prefixer and a few primary information of CSS animations.

Technique #M: Complex Responsive Animation With An SVG Sprite

Most of us have been utilizing sprites for improvement for a very long time now: utilizing SVG in a sprite just isn’t new enterprise. This article by Ilya Pukhalski1 breaks down Joe Harrison’s responsive icons technique2 in a really spectacular approach. In this primary instance we’ll take it one step additional and use SVG sprites not only for iconography, however for complicated, fluid animation as nicely.

Animation has soared in reputation this yr as a result of elevated browser help for animations and user experience benefits3 of motion that helps content material. But till now, we’ve got not considered this medium in the identical approach we now have about so many different design ideas that shift for various display sizes. Even if the animation is complicated, we will nonetheless get probably the most bang for our efficiency buck whereas nonetheless catering to our customers’ wants.

Responsive net improvement adapts content material for various shows for therefore many parts of UI interfaces. Animation can modify with the identical issues because the typography and format, adjusting to the viewport and clarifying the design.

This is what we’ll be making:

See the Pen Responsive SVG Sprite Animation that Adjusts Based on Viewport4 by Sarah Drasner (@sdras27225) on CodePen28236.

In this instance, I’ve made a modern-day Book of Kells initial illustration7 to point out a posh animation within the context of web page content material. First, I’ve made three totally different designs based mostly on small, medium and enormous viewports.

Full Kells SVG animation design
Full Kells SVG animation design displaying the designs for giant, medium and small viewports.

I use this as my map for the remainder of the challenge and seek advice from it typically. Other individuals plan in a different way, working within the browser or making sketches. Choose the tactic that makes you most efficient.

Grouping And Drying It Out

Now that we have now a map, we will begin decreasing the repetition of parts. We determine the shapes that the primary and second variations have in widespread so we will reuse them. A class could be assigned to the rect within the background and in order that we will change the fill utilizing a media question. All the objects are named and grouped for straightforward reference, reminiscent of “mountains”, “bridge” or “tower”.

We’ll additionally put a category on all detailed shapes, similar to constructing home windows or bridge ropes that might be eliminated within the medium display measurement. Any group that’s too totally different to switch, we put collectively in a bigger group that we will then cover or show. If the primary illustration is kells_1, the group specific to the second illustration is kells_2, and the final is kells_3. In order to make the entire SVG equally scalable to the identical container values, the final illustration turns into the identical measurement as the primary.

What we’re left with are two sprites within the sprite sheet, and three SVG teams. The first seems barely complicated:

Grouped SVG Design ready for export
Grouped SVG Design prepared for export.

We now export it to Peter Collingridge’s SVG Editor8 — or any most popular technique of SVG optimization — protecting the teams, which brings the file measurement right down to 18KB! Note: SVGO9 can also be nice for terminal-based mostly optimization, although I choose to make use of the web editor as a result of not solely is there’s a preview of how the SVG will seem if you’re accomplished, there’s additionally now an experimental modifying part to work with.

To use this device, you merely minimize and paste all of the SVG code into the textarea, hit load, and you may be directed to the optimize view. I often attempt the “Extreme” choice choice simply to see if I can get away with it, however have a tendency to finish up utilizing “Conservative”, not eradicating whitespace (due to readability whereas I’m working), and ensuring that I protect the teams. Here is a screenshot of the settings I usually work with. Please observe that this varies from venture to undertaking and everybody has totally different preferences.

Typical settings for a posh SVG export from the SVG Editor.

The optimized SVG is positioned inline within the HTML (somewhat than a supply URL background picture) in order that it’s easier to animate10. By taking the time to label the courses correctly, we will now add the CSS that may alter the small print between giant and medium sizes:

@media display and ( max-width: 700px ) 
    show: block;
    fill: #93A600;
    opacity: zero.fifty seven;
  .mid-cover  show: none; 
  .bridge  rework: translateX(15px); 

Making It Fluid

At this level the width and peak are faraway from the SVG and we will add in preserveAspectRatio="xMidYMid meet" (although that’s the default, so it’s not strictly essential) to make the SVG fluid. With these alterations, it’s going to modify to the container measurement as an alternative, which we set based mostly on percentages. Flex or some other responsive container would work right here too.

  width: 50%;
  float: left;
  margin: zero S% zero zero;

The Viewbox Trick

There is one catch and also you may need already guessed it. Even if we assign the underside layer a category and conceal it, there shall be an empty hole the place the viewbox nonetheless accounts for that area. We can change the viewbox within the SVG to point out solely the highest portion:

viewBox="zero zero 490 474" 

and that may do the trick… for the 2 bigger variations. The smallest model is now obscured, because the viewbox is offering one thing of a window into one other portion of the SVG sprite sheet, so we might want to regulate it. To change the viewbox based mostly on a shifting viewport, we’ll use a bit of JavaScript:

var form = doc.getElementById("svg");

// media question occasion handler
if (matchMedia) 
        var mq = window.matchMedia("(min-width: 500px)");

// media question change
perform WidthChange(mq) 
        if (mq.matches) 
    form.setAttribute("viewBox", "zero zero 490 474");
    form.setAttribute("allow-background", "zero zero 490 474");
    form.setAttribute("viewBox", "zero 490 500 500");
    form.setAttribute("allow-background", "zero 490 500 500");

Now, once we scroll the browser window horizontally, the viewport will shift to show solely the a part of the SVG we need to expose. Our code is now primed and able to animate.

Time To Animate

If you’re exporting from Illustrator as I am, it should account for the truth that you’ve many “mountain” courses, “dot” courses, and so forth., and quantity them for you: “mountain”, “mountain_2_” and so forth. The good factor about naming all of those teams correctly is that we will persistently reuse the identical animation throughout an array of sprites. To goal all the “mountain” courses, we will use a CSS attributeStartsWith selector (I’ve modified the default Illustrator IDs to courses):

[class^="mountain"], [class^="grass"] 
  animation: slant 9s ease-in-out infinite each;
  rework: skew(2deg);

You’ll see right here that we start with a rework set on that aspect: this retains the keyframe animation concise. The animation will assume that the zero% keyframe corresponds to the preliminary state of the factor; all that must be outlined to create a really succinct loop are the modifications midway by means of the animation sequence.

@keyframes slant 
  50%  rework: skew(-2deg); 

For the dots and stars that share a standard animation, we declare that when in @keyframes, however then change the timing of the animation for every of the totally different results with as little code as potential:

@keyframes blink 
  50%  opacity: zero; 

  animation: blink 2s ease-in-out infinite each;

  animation: blink 5s -3s ease-in-out infinite each;

We don’t need each the celebs and dots to animate on the similar time, so the animations are staggered with a delay. However, doing so with a constructive integer will trigger a niche in continuity at first of the animation when the viewer arrives. This is solved right here by specifying a adverse delay.

Of course, we additionally want so as to add the most typical viewport meta tag:

  <meta identify="viewport" content material="width=gadget-width">

To get the absolute best efficiency and to dump work to the GPU (notably in Firefox), we additionally have to hardware-speed up any component that we’re animating. SCSS is nice for this as I can use a mixin:

@mixin speed up 
  rework: translateZ(zero);
  backface-visibility: hidden;
  perspective: one thousand;

and add this to all the parts with animation:

@embrace speed up;

Backwards Compatibility

If SVG or animation shouldn’t be out there, we will present backwards compatibility by including a fallback. In this case I’ve used a easy PNG, however you may as well make one thing extra complicated if you want.

<div class="fallback">
  <img src="fallback.png">

We add in Modernizr — a slim, customized construct to examine for SVG — and use the category hooks offered to cover and show it relying on the help degree:

.svg .fallback 
  show: none;

.no-svg .fallback  
  width: 50%;
  float: left;
  margin: zero S% zero zero;
  img  width: one hundred%; 

By nesting the picture in a div set to show:none, the fallback asset isn’t accessed until SVG or animation help is disabled. More details about what content material is downloaded in several media queries could be present in Tim Kadlec’s weblog submit “Media Query & Asset Downloading Results11”. For a extra detailed evaluation on the best way to present a number of fallbacks for SVG utilizing the image aspect and a polyfill, Sara Soueidan created a great resource12.

And there you might have it: a posh animation with concise code that shifts based mostly on the viewport.

Techniques #P And #A: Keyframe Animation With Steps() And SVG Sprites

Techniques P and A are shorter and associated to one another. In these examples, we’ll use the SVG sprite to make a step animation. Of all net-based mostly animation methods, step animation most intently resembles previous hand-drawn cel animation. Cel is brief for “celluloid” which is a kind of clear sheet. This materials was utilized by animators like Disney or the unique Looney Tunes to attract on prime of their earlier drawings, thereby defining a sequence and creating the phantasm of motion.

The photographs have been shot on movie, body by body. Each body was composed of a number of totally different layers. There was sometimes a stationary painted background, used statically all through a scene. The character’s physique and corresponding shifting physique elements have been then painted on separate layers of celluloid to scale back repetition.

All cel animation pictures used with permission of John Gunn. (Large preview14)
Sketch, with guides. (Large preview16)
Completed cel. (Large preview18)
Reverse aspect of cel. (Large preview20)

Here, we mimic this analog course of through the use of a single immobile background, then shortly displaying a collection of photographs on prime. This provides the phantasm of motion with none actual interpolation. Instead of a collection of pictures although, we’ll concurrently scale back HTTP requests and simplify our keyframes through the use of a single SVG sprite sheet. This method is best for extra complicated shapes and expressive motion than what easy transforms can supply.

Here is the ultimate animation for Technique #P:

See the Pen Step Keyframe Animation with SVG sprite21 by Sarah Drasner (@sdras27225) on CodePen28236.

The drawing on this animation has 21 elements. That may sound like lots, however it’s important that the ratio of drawing per second keep excessive in order that the animation seems clean. Considering that there are 21 drawings over B.8s seconds, we’re fairly near our aim of the usual 12fps. This quantity isn’t arbitrary – previous movie was shot at 24fps, and animators largely thought-about “capturing on twos” (which means one drawing over two frames, or 12fps) the usual for an phantasm of motion. Anything a lot decrease than this, and the animation seems barely uneven.

In order to appropriately place every drawing in every body we might transfer guides round exactly with rulers, however it’s extra environment friendly to automate that process. I’ll exhibit two totally different choices for getting ready your designs: drawing in Illustrator with a template; and drawing in an SVG editor, or on paper body by body and utilizing Grunt to sprite.

Drawing In Illustrator With A Template

First, we determine how huge the animation is and multiply that quantity by 21 in a single path: that’s our artboard measurement. We drag a field round that space and select Object → Path → Split Into Grid. Then we enter the rows we would like (or columns, for those who want to make a horizontal sprite sheet) and click on OK. Then select View → Guides → Make Guides and our template is all set.

A view of A out 21 SVG drawings that make up our sprite sheet.

If you’re drawing immediately in Illustrator, your greatest guess is to put your first drawing inside the first field, copy it into the subsequent field utilizing the alignment line, or shift and drag to maintain it regular. Then slowly pull and reshape elements of the drawing from body to border. With every drawing, copy the final model, transfer it and redraw it barely.

You can even do a screencast of one thing and place every picture within the Illustrator doc and hint it, both via Illustrator’s native hint performance, or with the pen device for a hand-drawn really feel, and extra concise paths.

Obviously, this strategy can be executed in Sketch or some other SVG editor: use the device of your choice.

Once we now have an extended sprite sheet, we export and compress the SVG, and in addition save a replica as PNG that we’ll use as a fallback, and on this case, the fallback will nonetheless animate.

Drawing In An SVG Editor, Or On Paper Frame By Frame And Using Grunticon To Sprite

If you want a hand-drawn look, you’ll be able to draw all of it by hand on paper and scan it. Old animation studios used lightboxes and celluloid sheets so animators might hint their earlier drawings incrementally. You don’t essentially want these supplies to do this method, although. By putting a lamp beneath a glass desk, you’ll be able to simply make a poor man’s lightbox. This set-up shines sufficient mild to be able to see by means of even common opaque copy paper. To create every new body, place a bit of paper or vellum over your final drawing and alter the drawing barely till you’ve gotten a collection. You can then scan this set of drawings and vectorize them.

Alternatively, you possibly can draw each bit body by body, shifting the picture barely every time, and saving each new model to a folder. Just ensure that what you’re initially saving is certainly an SVG and never an .ai (or another) file sort. You can then use Grunticon24 to compress and sprite them routinely. Here’s a great article 25 explaining how to take action. Notably, Grunticon additionally generates a fallback PNG mechanically.

Personally, I assume in case you draw every body by hand, it makes probably the most sense to only make certain the location on every artboard is constant and use Grunticon; however the Illustrator template method has the good thing about permitting you to see all your work directly.

Keeping It Simple

For this animation, I didn’t make the SVG fluid as a result of I purposely designed it to take up the entire display on cellular. Note that there isn’t a want for lots of difficult math and keyframe percentages. All we have to do is take the picture peak, and specify the background-place with that quantity as a destructive integer on the one hundred% keyframe worth:

@keyframes splashit 
        one hundred%  background-place: zero -3046px; 

Then on the splash div, we animate utilizing steps() for the variety of frames we had within the SVG:

  background: url(‘splash-sprite2.svg’);
  animation: splashit M.8s steps(21) infinite;

Using an SVG quite than a PNG provides us the benefit of a crisp picture on all shows, however in fact we’ll nonetheless present a fallback. We use Modernizr to create a category hook on the <html> aspect and may then present a fallback, and nonetheless animate it with the PNG we created:

/* fallback */
.no-svg .splash 
  background: url(‘splash-sprite2.png’);

Technique #O

If you’re taking the steps() worth out of the final animation, you may see one thing fascinating. Instead of making a seamless shifting drawing, it simply rolls by way of the background. We’re going to make use of that to our benefit within the subsequent Pen.

See the Pen SVG Sprite Animation #226 by Sarah Drasner (@sdras27225) on CodePen28236.

First, we make a stroll cycle utilizing the cel/steps drawing method. For enjoyable, I shifted the colour in every body by barely adjusting the hue incrementally to perform a little straightforward guide colour animation. Again, it’s necessary that the steps() and animation-period ratio nonetheless fall across the 12fps vary.

A few sprites within the walkcycle shifting hue barely from body to border.

Then we’ll scroll by means of the remainder of the pictures by animating the background place of the SVG sprite sheet. In order to maintain all the things constant, we’ve made all the background pictures the identical measurement.

To create the impression of fluid linear infinite motion, the three background photographs should be capable of repeat seamlessly on the x-axis in order that once they scroll by way of there are not any hiccups. This might be achieved by making every finish similar, or, on this case, utilizing a picture that’s sparse sufficient that it may utterly movement via.

There are three parallaxed background photographs that don’t embrace the determine. All three share a number of issues in widespread: all of them have the identical width and peak dimensions for consistency, they usually share a standard keyframe worth.

With SCSS, we will @prolong the same pixel area designation:

  width: 600px;
  peak: 348px;

.fore, .mid, .bk, .container  @prolong .space; 
(Large preview30)

Each aspect makes use of the identical keyframe values, however we set aside their animations with an incremental lower in seconds the additional again their z-index. This yields a pleasant parallax impact.

  background: url(‘fore.svg’);
  animation: bk 7s -5s linear infinite;

  background: url(‘mid.svg’);
  animation: bk 15s -5s linear infinite;

  background: url(‘bkwalk2.svg’);
  animation: bk 20s -5s linear infinite;

@keyframes bk 
  one hundred%  background-place: 200% zero; 

I’ve seen individuals write a number of intervals for this type of animation, however keep in mind, the keyframes will interpolate values for us. We may even keep away from having to designate exact pixel quantities on the scrolling backgrounds (simply in case that quantity modifications in one of many sprite sheets sooner or later) by setting a proportion.

Again, we’ve added null Z transforms, perspective:one thousand;, and backface-visibility:hidden; on all the selectors with animation to allow a little bit of hardware acceleration the place potential, which helps take away jank and maintain our animations fluid. And once more, using destructive delays ensures that the animation is operating from the beginning. All of the SVGs are optimized and have a PNG fallback.

And there you have got it! A full, parallaxed animation with SVG sprites and little or no code.

(ds, il, og)


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Introducing the UI8 Ultimate Bundle

This publish is sponsored via Syndicate.

UI8 Ultimate Bundle

Whether it’s for net or cellular, designing an excellent product includes a collection of phases, every requiring a selected set of expertise together with the required supplies. That might go from pen and paper to elements for design and code. Our pals from UI8 assist us with these elements and belongings for necessary phases, like wireframing, UI kits and icon belongings and the most effective factor is that they have kits for various platforms together with the Material UI Kit which is predicated on Google’s new Material Design Visual Language.

Among all these merchandise, UI8 now presents the UI8 Ultimate Bundle which incorporates just about all the things you want so you’ll be able to focus extra on making your product actually shine. The final bundle provides you on the spot entry to their whole assortment of premium assets in addition to all future merchandise, endlessly.

bundlerrr2_noretina (0-00-02-20)

Bundle highlights:

  • Over $P,800 worth if purchased individually
  • 28 UI Kits & H Wireframing Kits (For Sketch & Photoshop)
  • 19 Vector Icons units (Over S,000 Icons)
  • sixteen Presentation merchandise
  • N Themes
  • A iOS Learning programs
  • New merchandise added weekly (Usually twice every week)

Just a number of of the merchandise included on this bundle:

Material UI Kit

A constant, organized and retina-prepared set of premium elements and templates throughout S content material classes to convey your subsequent massive concepts to life.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 7.07.15 PM


Bolt UI Kit

UI8 spent the previous few months crafting their largest, most lovely and most expansive UI package ever! With their new Bolt UI Kit, you get a constant, organized and retina-prepared set of premium elements to construct your subsequent iOS interface.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 7.07.34 PM


Wireframe Kit v2

one hundred seventy five templates and over 500 UI parts for net, pill and cellular units to assist velocity up your UX workflow. Delivered in .AI vector format. Now for Sketch!

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 7.07.58 PM


Art Equipments v4

Art Equipments Scene Generator is an excellent pack filled with vibrant photographs and mock ups, good for the busy artist trying to exhibit their venture. Present your work in knowledgeable and visually beautiful approach with this superior presentation pack.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 7.08.10 PM


Fancy Items

Fancy Items Scene Generator is an superior graphics pack that accommodates over 210+ gadgets impressed by the works of one of the best industrial designers. Made for many who are uninterested in the tasteless, and all too comparable Mockup Scene Generators, these scene turbines are for many who need to actually diversify their tasks.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 7.08.27 PM


This is only a small fraction of it, there are is far more. The bundle consists of over ninety merchandise and new releases from UI8 ceaselessly. That means future merchandise will all the time be included for you. That’s 28 GIGs of actually helpful design belongings to spice up your design course of. The worth for all of that is undoubtedly value it and you will get the complete bundle for $348.

Now, one of the best factor about this submit….you will get an additional 20% off by merely utilizing the code “wdl20”. Yes, you’re seeing that clearly, you will get 20% off and increase your design course of with an unimaginable set of top of the range belongings!

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3 Salty Old Wives Shout Lies About Diesel in Sweet, Silly Ads From Volkswagen

Your cranky straight-speaking grandmother won’t assume a lot of diesel engines, however Volkswagen would really like her—and also you—to rethink.

"Old Wives Tales," a brand new marketing campaign from Deutsch LA for the automaker's Passat TDI, options the Golden Sisters, who rose to fame with their salty commentary on Kim Kardashian's sex tape again in 2012. Now, the trio are driving round in a VW, sounding off on diesel automobiles—and getting it fallacious.

They weigh in on rappers (dismissively, in fact) and play "Who's on First" with the query of whether or not the automotive is even operating—as a result of aren't diesel engines alleged to be loud? While in search of a fuel station, they begin obsessing over meals—Italian, on this case (the actual-life siblings have been all born Conticchio, in the Bronx)—although their heritage might, in lots of moments, simply as simply be one other number of old, white and loud.

In different phrases, the 4 spots are all set items that showcase a sure sort of gleefully abrasive allure—a shtick that may attraction greatest to the demographic that is aware of and loves the caricature. It's a pleasant car for the message. People who bear these misconceptions are probably extra involved with quantity than accuracy, so don't be like them (even in the event you assume they're humorous).

The greatest second by far is an in depth-up of what is perhaps the world's ugliest canine (a cameo that deserves credit score for additional chopping towards the grain of everybody all over the place placing lovable puppies of their advertisements). And in a discovery on which extra mercenary manufacturers ought to capitalize, it seems even advertising hashtags like #tunameltsmyheart are much less obnoxious when yelled by an previous lady—in all probability since you don't have a selection however to forgive them for being tacky.

Client: Volkswagen
Agency: Deutsch LA
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Chief Digital Officer: Winston Binch
Executive Creative Director: Todd Riddle
Digital Executive Creative Director: Jerome Austria
Group Creative Directors: Heath Pochucha, Tom Pettus
Art Director: Alice Blastorah
Copywriters: Shiran Teitelbaum, William Sawyer
Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo
Executive Integrated Producer: Erik Press
Integrated Producer: Win Bates
Group Account Directors: Tom Else, Monica Jungbeck
Account Director: Alex Gross
Account Supervisor: Aleks Rzeznik
Account Executive: Ashley Broughman
Director of Product Information: Jason Clark
Product Information Supervisor: Eddie Chae
Chief Strategy Officer: Colin Drummond
Senior Digital Strategist: Brendon Volpe
Group Planning Director: Susie Lyons
Director of Integrated Business Affairs: Abilino Guillermo
Group Director of Integrated Business Affairs: Gabriela Farias
Business Affairs Manager: Jade McAdams
Director or Broadcast Traffic: Carie Bonillo
Broadcast Traffic Manager: Courtney Tylka
Production Company: LMNO Productions
Director: Eric Schotz
Executive Producer: Ed Horwitz
Editing: Union Editorial
Editor: Paul Plew
Assistant Editor: Otto Mertins
President: Michael Raimondi
Senior Producer: Rob McCool
Postproduction, Sound Studio: Resolution
Producer: Logan Aires
Mixer: Milos Zivkovic

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20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

Designers carry plenty of stuff round of their luggage. All the creatives want a loads of issues whereas exit, so their luggage ought to be each roomy and classy.

If you ever have been questioning what designers have inside their luggage, Mijlo, a Dutch-based mostly collective, has a backpack undertaking which exhibits the necessities artistic individuals often carry with them. The venture gained’t present you ways designers’ luggage appear to be, however I determined to guess. So, right here you’ll see 20 artistic luggage for net designers, artists, photographers, and different artistic individuals. All of them are impressed by city way of life and want for journey.

Candeeiros Backpack

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives


20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives


20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

Amsterdam Backpack by Venque

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

CampWell Log Tote – Natural Canvas

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

Flatsquare Backpack for HER by Venque

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

Kastrup Backpack by WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

Military Duffle Bag

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

Pendleton Bucket Bag

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

Hamptons Briefcase

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

Leather Document Case by Frank Clegg

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

Coock Backpack by Velotton

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

Lesson Rucksack by Head Porter

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

Classic 12 Hour Duffel by Saint Laurent

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

Little America Studio Backpack by Herschel Supply Co.

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

1st Edition Travel Bag by Hardgraft

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

25-Hour Bag Palissy

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

Frame Folio by Hard Graft

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

Executive Satchel

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

The Vintage Tote Bag

20 Stylish Bags and Backpacks for Creatives

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Liam Neeson Narrates This Gorgeous Tourism Ad for Ireland Timed to St. Patrick's Day

Liam Neeson is an enormous softy when it comes St. Patrick's Day.

The robust-man actor offers a heartfelt voiceover for this 60-second Discover Ireland tourism spot, waxing poetic about his homeland.

"Every yr, on St. Patrick's Day, the world goes inexperienced," he begins, as landmarks just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Sydney Opera House and Paris' Moulin Rouge, all lit in emerald hues, flash by. "But right here in Ireland," he continues, "every single day is bathed in inexperienced."

We're handled to photographs of rugged coasts, crescent hills and verdant forests, together with metropolis scenes of bustling nightlife, purchasing and parades. #GoGreen4PatricksDay is the hashtag.

What can be a beautiful if predictable spot actually shines because of Neeson's earnest, nuanced narration. The Oscar nominee offers a degree of emotional resonance and authenticity typically missing from tourism work. Being Liam Neeson, his supply continues to be intense and penetrating, although he sounds legitimately happy to be speaking up the inexperienced.

Though I sort of miss the smoldering murderousness he conveys when seeing red.

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Durex Discovers Sexy Smartphone Technology That Helps Couples Get Closer in Bed

There's a lot of attractive smartphone performance on the market, however not an excessive amount of that's truly sexual. But now, Durex claims to have found telephone know-how that helps couples get nearer within the bed room.

Check out the video under, which has notched a powerful 21 million views in simply 5 days. Seems individuals are craving tech-enhanced intercourse—or maybe its reverse.

The marketing campaign additionally helps this event occurring later this month.

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Tinder Users at SXSW Are Falling for This Woman, but She's Not What She Appears

Well, that is sneaky—and for some, heartbreaking.

Tinder customers on the SXSW pageant on Saturday have been encountering a horny 25-yr-previous lady named Ava on the courting app. A good friend of ours made a match together with her, and shortly they have been have a dialog over textual content message.

But when he opened up Ava's Instagram, it turned clear one thing was amiss. There was one photograph and one video, each selling Ex Machina, a sci-fi movie that simply happened to be premiering Saturday night time right here in Austin. The hyperlink in her bio went to the movie's web site. And it seems the lady within the photographs is Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, who performs a man-made intelligence within the film.

In a approach, it's fairly sensible. Only on reflection do you understand that Ava's questions are a few robotic eager to know what it's wish to be human.

It's additionally fairly invasive, and a few will name it spammy. (If you consider it, it's solely a step above Tinder's porn bots.) Our pal—whose texts above, we will attest, have been completely heartfelt—discovered it impressively misleading, and shared the dialog with others. But he was additionally just a little crestfallen.

It "toyed with my feelings so arduous," he says.

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Take a Tour of HBO's Pretty Awesome SXSWesteros Game of Thrones Activation [Video]

Austin is swarming with fascinating and bizarre activations at this yr's South by Southwest. And HBO's Game of Thrones expertise, cleverly named "SXSWesteros," is a specific standout. 

HBO teamed up with design studio Red Paper Heart to assist guests turn into the present's badass teenage heroine, Arya Stark, within the type of a reasonably nice interactive piece. As you enter the primary darkly lit room, you're first greeted by one other model companion, Ommegang, which has brewed up its fifth Game of Thrones inspired beer—a fairly tasty, S.P % alcohol-by-quantity, darkish saison ale, thematically titled "Three Eyed Raven." 

Next, it's over to the Iron Thrown to have your image taken sitting in it. Asked what it was made from, my information replied: "Fiberglass—er, i imply, the swords of my enemies."

After you've had your flip because the ruler of all of the land, it's over to get your photograph taken to organize in your remaining battle. Then step up on stage and because the sounds of Westeros swirl round you, seize your sword and be able to struggle. Think of it as Fruit Ninja however with a darker twist. As you chop your means via the obstacles in entrance of you, your Game of Thrones-impressed portrait seems in entrance of you (which you’ll be able to then e mail to your self).

Check out our video tour under, in addition to a few snaps from the expertise.

Adweek responsive video participant used on /video.


A fan sits on the Iron Thrown:

Ommegang Three-Eyed Raven:

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Now You Can Put Your Own Photos in Don Draper's Amazing Carousel Pitch

It is the best promoting second from TV's biggest promoting present, and now you may be part of it.

To assist promote Man Men's upcoming remaining episodes, AMC has launched a Mad Men Carousel app on Facebook. The app pulls random photographs out of your Facebook galleries and drops them into Don Draper's pitch for the Kodak Carousel from Season B's finale.

It's a truncated model of the unique scene, which you’ll be able to watch under, nevertheless it's nonetheless a good way of reminding us how potent and touching Mad Men could possibly be at its greatest.

Depending in your outcomes, you may discover the video generated by the app to be hilariously off (as when it included the time I ate a hamburger between two Krispy Kreme doughnuts) or tear-jerkingly good (as when it confirmed my daughter's delivery as the primary slide on my first time utilizing the app).

So go give it a shot and see which of your reminiscences get recaptured for the Carousel.  

Via Mashable.

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This Art Director's Tinder Is Ridiculously Heroic, but Is It Getting Him Any Dates?

Perhaps Jude Senese will discover love in Austin this week, as he roams forlornly round SXSW. Because, frankly, issues simply aren't going that nicely in Boston—although not for lack of making an attempt.

Senese, 31, an affiliate artistic director at Hill Holliday, has one of many extra colourful Tinder profiles on the market, that includes himself in heroic poses in all types of ridiculous photograph illustrations. AdFreak caught up with Senese to find out what, precisely, he was considering.

"I got here up with the thought when I was chatting with some buddies concerning the app. Everyone appeared to be taking it approach too critical, and I thought I'd have slightly enjoyable with it," he says.

And how did he decide these particular ludicrous situations? "I tried to think about my viewers for a number of, so I figured Beyoncé and puppies would do nicely," he says. "The Game of Thrones one was a no brainer as soon as I noticed that picture. As for the area pizza and ribbon dance—these simply felt proper and I in all probability laughed the toughest making them."

The area pizza one is "simply particular," he provides. "Funnily sufficient, I really feel like every [image] presents a delicate glimpse into who I actually am."

So, how is it doing? Surely he's having a tough time holding the women again.

"Oh, it's doing terribly," he says. "I've had some matches, to which I'd wish to thank for swiping proper, however I assume most women simply assume I'm loopy. Zero dates. I did get one marriage proposal on Reddit although, so I have that going for me."

Senese—who says he's truly in Austin in search of "just a little inspiration," and never for love—has formidable objectives for the Tinder undertaking, although.

"I'm simply making an attempt to have some enjoyable and land a date with Kristen Wiig," he says. "Figured this was my greatest guess to get her consideration."

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Infographic: Your Guide to Having a One-Night Stand at SXSW

Are you in Austin this week principally simply to bag a number of one-night time stands? Luckily, advert company Mistress has provide you with the last word information to informal intercourse on the pageant. (This is sort of becoming, given the company's Ashley Madison-ish identify.)

Whatever your most popular meaningless-intercourse associate—the millennial marketer, the teenager CEO, the lifehacker, the "Christian Grey enterprise capitalist," the trigger marketer—this infographic will train you tips on how to search them out, and discover their weak spots.

They've even included the periods every of them are more likely to attend.

Have at it, you filthy canine.

Click the picture to enlarge.

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How to Make a Great Radio Ad, Now That You Know How to Make a Terrible One

The Radio Mercury Awards just lately made a two-part video about "Things We Don't Want to Hear in a Radio Ad." In my writeup, I needed to know what they do need to hear in a radio advert. And pricey God, they really listened to me. (This stands out as the most affect I've ever had over something. I am hyperventilating and will in all probability lie down.)

While I go mad with energy, it is best to watch unshaven Mercury chief decide Jim Elliott clarify what makes an excellent radio advert. His reply? "Undeniable human fact." Kind of a tall order, however that simply means good writing and sharp concepts that reap the benefits of the medium.

Thanks for the clarification, Jim! (That wasn't sarcastic, I actually do recognize it.) The video additionally lists the explanations individuals ought to attempt for an award this yr. "Skrilla" and "hooch," presumably free, are amongst them.

And should you missed the "Things We Don't Want to Hear in a Radio Ad" movies, verify them out under.

Client: Radio Advertising Bureau
On Camera: Jim Elliott
Director: Kevin S. Frech
Production Company: Logical Chaos
Editor: Nick Fehver

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Britain's Royals Bumble Their Way Through Mother's Day in Charming Spot for Body Shop

When it involves celebrating Mother's Day, it seems the British royal household is simply as inept as everybody else.  

That, at the least, is the joke on the coronary heart of a brand new D.T. advert from cosmetics firm The Body Shop. Impersonators enjoying Prince Charles; his spouse, Camilla; his son Prince Harry; and Queen Elizabeth II's well-known Welsh Corgis all fumble their means, collectively, via the prep for Her Majesty's huge day.

That means mangling the wrapping on the presents and burning the toast, amongst different misfortunes—Prince Harry and the Union Jack make a joint cameo, however are least invested within the proceedings.

Created by company Mr. President, it's a foolish, candy concept that pokes mild enjoyable on the household (Charles doesn't take off his double-breasted go well with jacket for something) and the vacation, whereas additionally primarily pushing two considerably opposite arguments that find yourself assembly someplace within the center—the royals are identical to another household, and some other household can deal with its mother like a royal.

In different phrases, don't really feel dangerous in the event you're helpless within the kitchen when it's time to convey your personal mom breakfast in mattress. Though it's fairly protected to say that she—and the queen—would in all probability want the cooks at Buckingham Palace made it. 

Via ItsNiceThat.

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These Photoshop Experts Are Good, but How Good Are They in Photoshop 1.0?

Today's Photoshop sorcerers can do virtually something to a picture, however do their powers prolong all the best way again to the software program's unique launch?

Clearly not, as you’ll be able to see within the video under. W-studying website CreativeLive requested a number of skilled editors to attempt their hand at 1990's Adobe Photoshop, which lacked a overwhelming majority of the options designers and photographers depend on at this time.

The clip is supposed to have fun Photoshop's 25-yr evolution, which is displayed fairly clearly by means of the customers' many failed makes an attempt to seek out their favourite shortcuts and instruments. It additionally highlights how consumer expertise and comfort have formed Adobe's strategy to new options. (The capability to undo greater than as soon as is clearly appreciated by all.)

Via PetaPixel.

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